Evertone Tone & Stretch Circle with Two Evertone Resistance Bands

The Evertone Tone and Stretch Resistance Circle with Two Evertone Resistance bands was designed to add extra resistance to your mat-based exercises and increase your strength, power and endurance. The ring also provides torso stability and helps you sculpt and tone specific muscles. Inner and out foam grips offer extra comfort. The ring measures 14” in diameter, and its lightweight construction makes it ideal for beginners and well suited for travel.

  • Helps to develop torso stability, targets and tones specific muscles
  • Stimulates the resistance and flexibility of exercises performed
  • Stretch Bands add upper and lower body resistance to mat work and helps stretch, strengthen and streamline muscles
  • Lightweight and portable

The Evertone Tone & Stretch Kit includes:

(1)  Evertone Tone & Stretch Resistance Circle (14” diameter)

(1) Regular Strength (green) Evertone Stretch Band

(1) Extra Strength (blue) Evertone Stretch Band

(1) Tone & Stretch instructional DVD

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Price: $29.95