U-Slender Core Trainer Belt for Slender Toned Abdominal Muscles

  • U-Slender uses the latest Muscle Flex Technology for core abdominal muscle training, toning, firming, shaping, tightening and strengthening. Increase endurance and abdominal workout durability with this belt. Your overall health will improve when you lose your gut! Give yourself a "boost" with the power of U-Slender! BEWARE of fakes & 3rd grades in the market!
  • You'll see and feel immediate results with this belt if properly used! You'll get hooked on the feeling of tighter ab muscles, not the flab muscles you have now! Muscle Flex Technology actively contracts and relaxes the muscles without you putting an effort, which results in tighter muscle tissue. Toning and firming the abdominal muscles without having to actively exercise.
  • Nobody has time for the constant abdominal workouts that are required for board-flat, chiseled abs like you see in the magazines but this high-performance abdominal belt flexes your muscles with powerful forces that automatically tighten and tone your abs, just as if you had done a workout! Mimics sit-ups and crunches which helps strengthen your abdominal muscles.
  • Giving you a more sleek and defined look in your abdominal region, improving the condition of your abs. Save valuable time on traditional exercises which take years to yield any noticeable results, you can use this belt anytime anywhere and get started with your exercise. For great results, combine with a proper diet plan and slight free hand exercise.
  • Package Includes: 1x Abdominal Belt, 1x Controller, 1x Conductive Cream/Gel, 1x Instruction Manual 


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Price: $99.95