Mini Mighty Puller Suction Cup Handle by Autotech

Mighty Puller Suction Cup Handle for smaller car dents.

Unsurpassed dents and bumps remover. Heavy-duty  thick rubber and individual vacuum lever for sure grip when it matters. Rugged impact-resistant ABS construction. For best results, use on smooth non-porous surface; both surface and rubber cup should be clean and free from dirt. Apply pressure to handle against surface while lifting levers; lubricating cup rim with small amount of rubber preservative or other liquid typically enhances rubber-to-surface seal and helps improve vacuum strength.

  • For small Dents
  • Heavy duty suction cup
  • Made with durable, odorless, extra strength rubber
  • Holds over 88 pounds
  • Lifts multiple materials, including marble, metal, glass, and tile


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Price: $19.99