Milex Natural Daylight Sunlight Floor Lamp

Nothing is more crisp or clear than natural light, so give your home an instant makeover with this 60.5" tall Natural Daylight Sunlight Lamp. Almost mimicking the pristine quality of natural sunlight, the Natural Daylight Sunlight Lamp features intense clarity and detail that regular bulbs can only dream of. As humans, we're always a little happier when we're out basking in the sunlight, and this light can help to boost your mood in those cold, dark months of winter. In your office or bedroom, it's an inspired way to light up any room with savings.

- Sturdy Construction

- Weighted Base

- Adjustable Height

- Long-Lasting LEDs

- Ultra-Bright

- Flexible Arm

- Cordless

- Portable

10 LEDs, battery operated (4AA), telescopic tube.

Availability: Deal On

Price: $99.95