Lazy Revolving Medical Center by Medisonic

Lazy Revolving Medical Center rotates 360 degrees. Are you in a rush and need your medication fast without any hassle? Well you are in luck...the medical center includes 31 pull out and carry holders for all your medication needs. With its two tier design PVC material you can easily swivel the Medical Center to locate the exact bottle you may need. Convenient pocket size holders marked with day of the month along with compartments labeled morning, noon, evening and night. The bottom of the Medical Center provides a non-slip pad to keep your tray stable on almost any surface counter.

  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Includes 31 pull out containers
  • 2-tier design to keep bottles neat
  • Pocket-sized pill holders are marked with each day of the month and have 4 snap compartments marked morning, noon, evening and night
  • Stable non-slip padding
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Price: $39.99