Insta Mircosonique Jewelry Cleaner

Insta Mircosonique Jewelry Cleaner


We searched the globe to find this innovative foot and leg bath massager. Unlike traditional footbaths, this 14"-deep tub wonder pampers and massages legs as well as feet for a true spa experience in the comfort of home.

Bring back the original brilliance of gems, precious metals and more safely and easily!

Now you can clean all of your jewelry, coins, watch bands, keys and more with amazing speed and ease. Using just water and powerful ultrasonic vibrations, this cleaner busts dirt, oil, grime and other pollutants that cause gems and metals to become dull and lifeless. In just minutes, everything is restored to its original luster! Features auto shutoff and space-saving design. 4 'AA' batteries not incl. 4.5" x 4".

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Price: $79.95