Avizone Showermate Shampoo, Conditioner & Soap Dispenser


Reliable, economical and environmentally-friendly. Suited in kitchens, office buildings, classrooms, restaurants, hotels, bathrooms, and laundry rooms.

Push button convenience

Pump pre-measures just the right amount... every time!

Refill containers for convenience and less costs

  • No more messy showers battling with bottles.
  • Keep Showers Simple, Organized & Effective
  • Simple way to keep your shower neat
  • Save 40% on two Showermate easy-to-refill shampoo, conditioner and soap dispensers
  • Simple and compact dispenser with three 15 oz separate compartments
  • Keeps showers uncluttered, organised and neat
  • Allows for precise measurement of shampoo, conditioner and soap
  • Mylar coated labels for easy indentification of liquids
  • Level indicator windows
  • Snap open lid stays open for easy chamber access
  • Never waste shampoo again
  • Elegant yet durable slek body design
  • Seal stoppers to avoid leaks or wastage
  • Simply attach to shower wall

Apart from nachos fountains and woolly toe socks, few things are as pleasant as a refreshing shower.  Unfortunately, the delicious sensation of hot water beating down on your skin can be ruined by crazed flying shampoo bottles, getting blinded by soap and finding yourself slippery sliding to the floor on a rogue soap bar.  Keep showers sacred and compartmentalise wild toiletries with tr Showermate shampoo, conditioner and soap dispensers. 

Known to be as spiteful as they are effective, shampoo and conditioner bottles have a habit of cluttering up a shower worse than children clutter an ice cream shop. Standing under your feet, flying at your head and getting in your eyes are some of the ways these bossy bottles try unnerve one.  Enter the Showermate; defender of the innocent showerer and disciplinarian of rogue shampoo bottles, conditioners and soaps.  With three separate compartments fashioned into one neat and compact dispenser, you can enjoy a simple and organised shower without scattered bottles or wasting products. 

As simple to use as a, well, soap dispenser, Showermate simply attaches to your show wall, leaving the location location location debacle up to you.  With a function that allows for precise measurement of products, say goodbye to wasting shampoo and that darn escaping conditioner and enjoy the most uncomplicated shower you’ve ever had.

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Price: $79.95