Avizone BKC - 2004 Boost Compression Therapy Muscle Pain Relief Socks

Anti-Odor. Anti-Static. Wash and Wear Convenience. Relieve the discomfort of poor circulation, mild varicose veins and aching legs with sporty, ribbed Travel Support Socks that provide 8-15 mm Hg of support. For comfort and durability they have stay-put tops, roomy toes and reinforced heels. Active Compression Socks may help improve blood circulation and blood flow to the legs, thus increasing muscle activity, performance and endurance. Swelling of the legs and fatigue, energy loss and injury risks can be mitigated or reduced.

  • Improves athletic performance and endurance by reducing muscle vibration
  • Graduated compression reduces the build up of lactic acid, helps the muscle recover faster
  • Improves blood circulation Prevents injuries
  • Ankle protector stabilizes the ankle and optimally supports the feet
  • The soft padding on top of foot absorbs the impact from shock as well as provides optimal circulation and ventilation
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