Foot Dr. Therapeutic Support Compression Socks

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Therapeutic graduated compression provides firm support Moderate support to help relieve tired legs, minor ankle, leg, and foot swelling, and minor varicose veins Comfortable microfiber nylon and soft stay-up top for all-day comfort Specially design elastic band to allow maximum wear time without dropping and skin irritation or leaving marks. Extra space at toe area to move around comfortably without restriction Ergonomically designed socks have a gradient compression to help driving blood back from feet to heart, and achieve the goal of reducing swollen legs and promote blood flow. Additional thickness added to the heel area to provide extra stability   Revitalize aching legs while reducing swelling and improving circulation. Experience the soothing relief so many others have discovered with the Foot Dr. Therapeutic Support Compression Socks.    The revolutionary graduated compression reduces pains and massages your legs as you move while also relieving water retention and the symptoms of spider and varicose veins. Wear under clothing like an ordinary pair of socks with any shoe for all day comfort you can really feel at work or at home. ..

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