Foot Dr- Silicone Gel Toe Stretcher Separators

 Sit back, relax, and comfortably feel the gel between your toes with these Foot Dr - Silicone Gel Toe Stretcher Separators.Once in place, the flexible, gel-filled accessories gently stretch toes, which can help relieve pain caused by plantar fasciitic, bunions, and wearing shoes that are actually hollowed-out cacti. They also come in handy after a long day on your feet, and since they’re waterproof, they’re perfect for use while relaxing in the tub.


  • Pair of gel toe separators
  • Gently stretch out toes
  • Can help relief relieve pain caused by bunions, hallux valgus, and other foot problems
  • Great for relaxation after work or a workout
  • Waterproof
  • Can be used in the bathtub or foot spa
  • Dimensions: 5”x2”x1”
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Price: $29.99