Foot Dr. Gel Plantar Arch Sleeves - 1 Pair

Foot Dr. Gel Plantar Arch Sleeve - 1 Pair

Stop pain and regain your mobility with these Plantar Arch Sleeves. They are clinically proven to reduce pain from plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, heel spurs, cuboid syndrome and heel neuromas. The comfortable slip-on sleeves have massaging gel that lifts the arch and shortens the plantar fascia. Nylon/spandex. Washable. (Pack Contains 1 Pair )

Features :-

  • Anatomical shape and height of gel arch pad helps prevent the foot from overpronating (rolling inward too much)

  •  helping reduce strain  and heel pain.

  • Soft, massaging gel cushions the arch, absorbing shock as you walk.

  • Slip-on fabric sleeve allows for easy on / off.

  • Premium, breathable leather top cover.

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Price: $29.95