10 Pressure Points Compression Sleeves

Compression therapy has been repeatedly proven effective in the treatment and prevention of venous disorders. Medical research has shown that shin ssleeves are effective in reducing leg symptoms only when the compression is graduated, meaning the pressure is greatest at the ankle and sequentially less up the leg.

The compression of the 10 Pressure points Compression Sleeves physically reduces the circumference of the limb and the superficial veins. By decreasing the size of the veins, blood flows faster, which helps prevent the blood from pooling and the chances of developing a thrombus.

Compression therapy can also improve valve functioning. As the vein diameter is reduced, the valve cusps are moved back to a correct overlapping position, allowing for proper functioning.
Additionally, compression sleeves can reinforce the pumping action of the calf muscles and can reduce the varicosity, making it less symptomatic and less visible.

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