Evertone Sauna Belt

The combination of the accelerator gel, the body wrap and the heated Sauna Belt, enhances compression of adipose tissue and promotes localized fluid loss around the waist to help dramatic weight loss.
Evertone Sauna Belt contains our latest advancement in therafusion infrared technology. These therapeutic belts penetrate 200-300 times deeper than conventional heating belts for fast-acting pain relief and detoxification. Simply wrap around your waist and fasten the Evertone sauna belt with time/temperature controller and extra long cord. 

When Evertone sauna belt far infrared heat is applied to your body the result is a natural detox.

Evertone technology will cause your cells to become energized pushing out harmful toxins stored in fat cells. At the same time, these fat clusters are broken up and emulsified. The results make this one of the most effective weight reduction and pain relief products available today. The heating belt has the following benefits: pain relief: deep penetrating heat is absorbed by the body, gently warming muscles and tissues. This process provides a temporary increase to local blood circulation, thus offering temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain. Reduces stress and fatigue: deep penetrating heat may be used for the temporary relaxation of muscles and temporary relief of muscle spasms, minor strains and sprains, and minor muscular back pain. Improves blood circulation: deep penetrating heat is absorbed by cells, causing a physical phenomenon called "resonance" in which the cells are instantly invigorated, resulting in better local blood circulation.

Evertone Sauna Belt fits around your waist allowing you to relax while it goes to work.  Used with Toning Gel and Body Wrap the thermal action of the belt enhances the body wrap effect while promoting detox. Weight loss will vary from person to person but the effects can last up to 24 hours.


    Two heat settings
    Instant inch loss
    Temperature controlled
    Time controlled
    Fits waistlines up to 40in.
    Mains powered

How to Use:

Step 1: Apply accelerator gel around waist, stomach and back

Step 2: Apply several layers of body wrap, to fully cover the whole area. Allow 3 inches of wrap above and below the belt.

Step 3: Plug belt into mains and fasten around waist. During use ensure belt does not ruck or fold, as this may cause uneven heating.

Step 4: While you are getting used to your Sauna Belt only use the 'Low' setting. We recommend using for a maximum of 50 minutes per day.

Step 5: After use switch off and unplug.

Step 6: Remove belt and body wrap. Wash off any gel residue.

Treatment Areas:



    We do not recommend body wrapping for people who are pregnant, suffer from higher low blood pressure, epilepsy, heart problems, thrombosis or who are recovering from recent surgery.
    Do not wrap at the time of your period. The belt should not be placed on sensitive parts of the body or over scars, moles or varicose veins.
    Only for use by adults over 14 years of age.
    Remove all body piercings in the treatment area before use.
    Do not use with a helpless person, an infant, or a person sensitive to heat.
    Evertone Sauna Belts produce an increase in localized blood circulation. This can sometimes cause red marks on the skin. This is completely normal. Any reddening will disappear within a few hours.


    Beautyko Sauna Belt
    2 x 50 meters body wrap
    2 x 250ml accelerator gel
    Tape measure & instruction leaflet

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