Evertone 3 in 1 Back Posture Corrective , Tummy Tuck and Total Body Support T-Shirt

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  Evertone 3 in 1 Back Posture Corrective , Tummy Tuck and Total Body Support T-shirt   Description INSTA TRIM Men’s Compression & Support T-Shirt. The 5-Seconds Solution to a Slim & Shapely Stomach! Uniquely designed control panel trims your whole upper body! The slimming secret!   You’ll look pounds thinner & inches smaller with the Men’s Insta Trim Compression and Support T-Shirt™. The lightweight undergarment offers support with unique Spandex-blend fibers that slim your waist, flatten your stomach area, conceal your love handles and give extra lift and shaping to your chest. The secret is 16 uniquely designed firming panels trim and tighten abdominal problem areas. THE INVISIBLE ALTERNATIVE FOR A  SLIM & SHAPELY LOOK ! Slimming Undershirt for Men - Drop Two pant sizes instantly! • Unique firming panels trim and tighten your  whole upper body! • Lose several inches around your waist! • Get rid of stomach bulges and love handles! • Discreet design – looks like a normal undershirt! • Control panels in the back smooth out your back for a leaner appearance! • Really comfortable – with material that breathes! • Specially designed for men of all ages!  Get that Slim & Toned Look Instantly! The men’s Invisible Insta Trim T-Shirt flattens your stomach and your whole upper body with no effort! Just slip it on for a more toned upper and loose inches off your waist in less than 5 seconds! It also provides back support for better posture! Smoothes your back for a leaner apperance without bulges! Nobody will know your secret because the slimming shaper looks just like a regular undershirt! Look years Younger and pounds lighter!   Features:- Firm Up your Chest. Flatten Your Stomach Eliminate Love Handles Stay Cool and Comfortable Revolutionary Breathable Spandex-Blend not hot, not constricting! Fibers for compression & support Improve your posture & back Support   Size Guide: Chest measurements:               Chest            Total Length Size     Relax/Stretch    Relax/Stretch                (inches)      &nbs..

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