Double Padded Shock Absorbing Heel Sleeve

The Double Padded Shock Absorbing Heel Sleeve is designed to treat and prevent heel pain and inflammation. Consist of a strong neoprene fabric and gel that supports irritation, blisters, Achilles tendon and inflammation.  Half-Sleeve with two gel pads located on each side of the heel bone. Our Double Padded Shock Absorbing Heel Sleeve provides compression to help control edema and absorbs shock from heel strike. The gel provides stability as an added therapeutic benefit. Placing the heel support in the refrigerator for a few minutes will assist with heel inflammation. Effective for plantar fasciitis & calcaneal spurs, heel contusions, irritation & blisters. Supports narrow heels.

  • Shock Absorbing
  • Double Padded
  • Neoprene Support
  • Hugs the heel for shock support
  • Supports narrow heels
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Hand Wash/Air Dry
  • One Size Fits Most


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Price: $29.99