Wave-Z Magic Hair Curlers Set of 54 36 18 Pieces


Easily create lift, curls, and waves for voluminous hairstyles
Doesn’t require harsh, hair-damaging chemicals

How to Use It

Dampen hair and comb it to remove knots and tangles
Push the stick all the way through the curler and hook it onto a small section of hair
Pull the stick out so hair goes into the curler, then adjust to your liking
Leave the curlers in to reshape the hair; use a blow dryer to speed up their hold


Hair curlers and application hooks
Cold curling takes about 15–25 minutes for healthy hair and 8–15 minutes for damaged hair
Heated curling takes about 8–15 minutes for healthy hair and 5–10 minutes for damaged hair

Available in sets of 54, 36 and 18 Pieces. 

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