Cellulift Infrared Slim Shorts and Tummy Tuck

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Slimming Innovation For the very first time a unique association of three principles is going to revolutionize your well-being. CELLULIFTING Tourmaline, textile line of slimming products is based in a whole new concept : synergy between specific tissues, a unique mineral and targeting slimming advices. Regain tonic and slim shape fast and effortless thanks to the association of three principles, always keeping energetic and dynamic. 1 CELLULIFTING Textile : This material possesses a unique elasticity (it can extend by 500% in size) keeping original shape without any deformity. This makes wearing more comfortable and easy to use. CELLULIFTING Textile is an intelligent tissue; which insures good ventilation and prevent from discomfort of perspiration. Products are suitable for wearing all year long. 2 A unique mineral : Tourmaline is a mineral with natural electromagnetic properties. 70% of human body is water. Tourmaline's effect energizes the water molecules to become individual molecules, this increases the oxygen uptake. Human cells thus resume vitality. Individual water molecules can move freely in and out of cells, this activity transmits heat energy in deep tissue to slightly increase the regional temperature. This increases blood circulation; promote elimination of toxins, calories burning and speed up elimination of orange peel effect (cellulite skin). 3) 10 practical advices to get slim, developed by Françoise MENDRAS sports coach. MANUAL INSTRUCTION for a maximal efficiency : with CELLULIFTING Tourmaline you don't have any effort to make, use garment as long time as possible all day long and keep on mind Françoise MENDRAS, our sports coach, advices. * Long lasting efficiency : non principle actives add. CELLULIFTING Tourmaline slimming textile line of products, keeps its own efficiency even after being washed and reused several times. You can freely wash our textile, as it doesn't lose Tourmaline and textile properties. Textile has a long lasting performance (on average 300 days) ..

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