Bio Therapy Cellulift Leg Compression Sleeve

Bio Therapy Cellulift Leg Compression Sleeves


This Bio-Therapeutic Leg Compression sleeve is great for men and women  

of all ages! The 3D waffle knit design of the bio tapping material  helps  to

 cut through, melt and reduce the appearance of cellulite  creating the perfect

 healthy looking legs , Whether you are exercising  or doing anything activity.

 It will also help relieve pain, soreness and  swelling in the leg!


Features :


  • Reflects body heat

  • Can be worn during exercise

  • Works to trim Fat in legs.

  • Designed to reduce sagging and swelling

  • Cellulift Leg Compression Sleeve

  • Bio-therapy tapping material

  • Supports and assists legs

  • Works to provide heat and reduce cellulite

  • Easy slip-on-and-off application

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Price: $34.95