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Jet Power Floss Dental Water Oral Irrigator


Jet water away plaque, food debris, and bacteria from in between your teeth using our water pick flosser- much more effective and sensitive than string floss Engineered to be battery-less and without cords- uses air technology to create a jet stream, ideal for travel Specially designed low profile tip is meant to reach the back of your teeth and maintain all areas of your teeth clean You can also add mouthwash to water for a fresher experience ​   Features: Don't be afraid of your next trip to the dentist.Practicing good oral hygeine at home has never been easier. Flossing is one of the most important elements in taking care of your teeth, but so many people hate the painful task. you can gently remove plaque causing debris and clean those hard-to-reach surfaces, all with this pain-free device. Just fill with water, point, and press to power. The air infusion technology gently blasts away unwanted particles and flushes out crevices for healthy teeth that are sure to please your dentist. You can also fill the with mouthwash to freshen as you floss. The ergonomic design and low profile tip helps reach the back teeth and is perfect for keeping braces, bridgework or other dental work clean. Never again worry about getting floss stuck between teeth or dealing with the pain of flossing. Get fast, easy and pain-free results. No batteries or cords This is powered by air Ideal for braces, crowns, sensitive gums and other dental work ..

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