Back Belt with Insta Heat Reusable Instant Portable Heat Pads


Back Belt with Insta Heat Reusable Instant Portable Heat Pads


The instant reusable portable lower back heat belt with Insta Heat Pads were designed to give comfort to the lower back muscles, reducing tension that builds up during the day in the lower neck area and upper back. The portable lower back belt includes one lower back heat pad, the belt designed to hold the lower back heat pad, and three of our pocket warmers.

The anytime, anywhere, portable reusable heat pads heat up to no more that 130 degrees, and you can adjust the amount of heat to your body by simply placing the pad directly over your clothing or in the belt (included), or can be used directly on your skin for more direct heat. Because the pad always gets to the same temperature, you will always get the same result.

The heat pads are lightweight for their size and treats large portions of the body.

Insta Heat Reusable Instant Portable Heat Pads require only a click to activate.

You also get the added  belt which increases the length of time the pad will stay hot.

Our Helios portable heating pads have sodium acetate and water. Sodium acetate "freezes" at 130 degrees F. Clicking the disk makes a few molecules change to a solid. The temperature of the solidifying liquid increases the temperature of the heat pad up to 130 degrees F in the process.

When solid pad is boiled, it is forced back to the liquid state. Every crystal must be completely melted or the liquid will quickly re-solidify. You can repeat this cycle forever, theoretically, just as you can freeze and melt water as many times as you like. No limit on the number of times they are reusable.

Since sodium acetate is a food additive, similar to salt, and it's a non-toxic substance.


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