Avizone Micro Sonique Skin Brush

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Handheld spinning brushes and attachments exfoliate dead skin and cleanse away impurities for even, radiant complexions Four brush attachments connect to a waterproof handheld device to scrub away dirt, oil, and makeup from faces and the body. The brush system can be used in conjunction with any nonabrasive cleanser to maximize its rejuvenating effects. Afterward, lotions and other skin revitalizing products penetrate even deeper into pores to keep skin hydrated and supple. Over time, these scrubbing brushes can help make skin smoother and minimize blemishes. Handheld rotating brush removes makeup and dirt Four attachments for cleansing and exfoliating Can be used with any nonabrasive skincare products Removes impurities and dead skin for optimum product penetration Can help minimize visible pores, fine lines, and blemishes Gentle enough to be used twice a day Waterproof for use in the shower ..

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