Avizone Magnetic Lumbar Support 4 in 1 Sacro Extra-Long Belt

Good Support Advantages Magnetic Waves Qualities

Designed for men and women suffering from back pain, this extra long 70" belt securely supports the lower back and waist and features 16 magnets for blood stimulation.

With its 16 magnets of 900 Gauss your body receives continuously stabilizing magnetic flow.
- Known since Antiquity, the magnets provide many benefits. Main virtues are relaxation and stimulation of the blood.

While providing a good support, the stretchable Neoprene material confers lightness and softness.

Adjustable for any size.

For men and women, the strap closure allows a perfect adjustment to your body.

Wipe-clean nylon/PU foam.

Size: 8½"Wx72"L.

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Price: $39.99