Avizone Forever Back Pain Relief System FDA Cleared

Product Features

  • Delivers targeted relief, melts away lower back pain
  • Provides drug free relief
  • Personalize settings to fit your needs
  • Fits comfortably under clothes, form fitting, discreet, powerful
  • Over the counter availabilty, no prescription required
  • Electrical impulses can block feelings of pain
  • Includes 4 adhesive pads and wire contacts

Product Information

JUST PUT IT ON AND THE PAIN IS GONE! Say goodbye to back pain! Electronic Back Pain Relief System. FDA cleared. Avizone Forever Back Pain Relief System uses T.E.N.S. technology to alleviate pain associated with sore and aching muscles in the lower back due to strain from exercise and normal household or work activities. Forever Back has been cleared by the FDA. It is the first device of it's kind to be cleared by the FDA to use the word "pain" to market the device.

Details and Specification

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Price: $39.99