Avizone Foot Doctor Cushioned Arch Support

All Day Relief for Achy Feet

  • Absorbs shock with every step
  • Instant Support & Lasting Comfort
  • Promotes balance & Body alignment
  • Foam, contoured arch pad lifts fallen arches and flat feet to improve balance, control foot motion and align the body
  • Wear with any type of shoes, sandals, sneakers, heels, even barefoot
  • Durable non-slip sole, breathable fabric, shock-absorbing core, compression band.

Avizone Foot Doctor Arch Support softly cushion your arch to relieve heel, arch and ball-of-foot pain These contoured, cushioned foam arch supports wrap around your feet, comfortably lifting fallen arches and flat feet to help reduce foot roll excessively inward and inflammation of the plantar fascia (heel pain).

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Price: $24.95