Avizone Foldable Multi Clothes Hanger


Give a portable home to clothes hangers with the Multi-Hanger. This lightweight clothes stand holds up to 33 hangers and 18kg of total weight, making it a useful addition to laundry rooms. Air dry clothes indoors, on the balcony or garden depending on the weather and your fancy. Made of durable plastic, the hanger easily withstands the elements and is great for camping trips to air dry dry swim suits, clothes or shoes while keeping them off the ground. With a telescopic height adjustment feature, the hanger can be adjusted from 127 to 152cm easily, allowing it to be used for all manners of clothing and even household items like bedsheets.


    Hangs up to 33 hangers
    Holds up to 18kg
    Telescopic height adjustment from 127 to 152cm
    Folding mechanism for easy storage
    Perfect for air drying of shirts, dresses and pants
    Hang up freshly ironed clothes to prevent creasing
    Works well in the balcony or garden
    Made of durable plastic
    Great for camping

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Price: $29.99