Avizone Relaxor Pro Digital Pulse Electronic Pulse Therapy

This compact, handheld massager provides fast, effective and pinpoint relief wherever and whenever you need it. The av compact massager is compact and discreet, making it perfect for the car, office or carry on bag. The rechargeable av compact massager lasts for up to 90 minutes of uninterrupted use on one convenient USB charge. Unlike other massagers, the av compact massager focuses 100 % of it's exclusive oscillation energy in the massager head to provide soothing massage exactly where you need it. It's ultra-powerful variable speed motor provides strong vibrations while it's petite design makes it easy to maintain a grip while stimulating those hard to reach places. Melt muscle pain away, and enjoy targeted relief from sore tense muscles anywhere stress affects your body. Just flick it on, wave it over sore, tight muscles and experience the soothing relief as stress and soreness disappear. Ergonomic design. Provides soothing massage. Body safe material.

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Price: $59.95