Abtransform Elite Toning System


Product Feautures

  • Stimulates core muscles directly
  • Clinical studies show that EMS tones, tightens, firms, strengthens ABS.
  • Guaranteed lean, flat, rock hard ABS you always wanted
  • AB Transform kit includes : Ab Transform belt, Controller device, 4 EMS electrodes, 9V Battery, Use and care manual
  • The product has 60 days warranty

Details and Specifications

AbTransForm core sculpting system is the only system which works upper, lower and side Abs, Obliques, lower belly area and love handles. It’s a FDA cleared EMS belt to tighten, tone and strengthen healthy muscles. Effective for both men and women. Brings together modern digital technology and the science of physiology. Clinical studies show that EMS tones, tightens, strengthens Abs in days. Now you can firm and strengthen your muscles using our electro muscle stimulation system. AbTransFrom has shown positive results in just 10 days. AB Transform regular plus nutrition guide, walk it off CD, 1 year warranty, 9V battery and extension belt

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Price: $69.99