Avizone Transform Heart Pulse Monitor

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Product Features Integrated with SPO2 probe & processing display module. Can be used at home, hospital, community medical treatments, sports healthcare, etc Can measure SPO2 & PR accurately. SPO2 & PR bargraph display Low Battery voltage indication. Ease of use Low power consumption ? shuts off automatically when not in use. LED display. 60 days Product Information Transform Heart Pulse Monitor quickly, accuractly and conviently measures your pulse Oxygen Saturation, pulse rate and pulse intensity - any time, anywhere! If you suffer from COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), emphysema, sleep anea or other ailment where you need to monitor your blood oxygen levels, this monitor is just for you. Just clip it onto your fingertip and at the press of a button, the LED display shows your Pulse Oxygen Saturation, pulse rate and intensity level. No needles, no mess, no fuss and no pain! Features low battery indicator and lightweight, portable design that's approx. No medical claims expressed or implied. Details and Specification ..

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