Avizone Stretch-N-Sage Cordless Electric Massager

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Stretch N' Sage Cordless Electric Massager Experience Deep Relief for SORE, TIRED MUSCLES. Powerful vibrating therapy. The vigorous, rhythmic percussion massage deeply penetrates aching muscles, relieving tightness and helping you feel relaxed all over. Features:     Cordless electric anywhere massager delivers powerful vibrating therapy     Use anywhere on your body… back, legs, feet, shoulders, neck etc     Helps to provide fast, penetrating tension and stress relief     Use the handles to easily raise or lower the massager for deep down relief right where you need it     Powerful massager is designed to relieve sore, tired muscles     Relaxes tight muscles & help stimulate circulation         1 Year warranty     Dimensions: 1" H x 6.5" W x 49" D ..

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