Avizone Silky Smooth Hair Remover

Product Features

  • Gently buff away unwanted hair
  • Quickly removes hair from face and body
  • Removes hair and exfoliates dry skin
  • Leaves no mess, end scrapes, nicks, razor cuts, burns, and no waxing needed
  • Hair removal system includes Silky Smooth unit, 3 buffing attachments, and 2 AA batteries

Product Description

The beautyko silky smooth hair remover gently buffs away unwanted hair. for all types of skin the silky smooth simply removes hair, leaving skin velvety smooth. not only does it quickly remove hair from face and body but it is one hundred percent painless without leaving the mess and incontinence that you get with waxing or shaving. features a gently rotating head action that exfoliates dry skin while simply removing hair. the silky smooth system is quick and painless and leaves no mess, end scrapes, nicks, razor cuts, burns, or unpleasant odor. silky smooth hair removal system includes compact silky smooth unit and 3 buffing attachments.

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Price: $22.95